Josefina N.

Some people told me about the pain and a few side effects like rashes from using laser hair removal devices but I could not experience anything so far! The result is excellent in the past weeks, and I feel confident about coming changes. Also, I won’t bother posting another photo of ‘happy me’ because I […]

Houda R.

I was quite hesitant listening to bad experiences and useless hair removal devices. Luckily, Infilaser is not what people kept me telling about. Even after the first attempt, I see great benefits. Far better than plucking or other methods. Can’t wait to see the end results. Definitely a good deal!

Mar Gómez M.

Earlier, I have spent a lot on laser hair removal treatment, and it doesn’t work for me really well. But I was pretty skeptical about using a razor, and after a friend’s recommendation, I have purchased Infilaser IPL device. It helped me to reduce hair growth and gives me smoother skin without any pain. In […]

Danielle O.

Amazing benefits. Infilaser makes me feel relaxed at every use and I love seeing the results over time! I believe it’s hard to find such a product nowadays at the price this site offers. Thanks!

Maria F.

I have VERY thick dark hair over the whole body and waxing felt very painful. Thank god….I found Infilaser. It’s handy, so I can use it whenever I want. I suggest everyone using this great device instead of spending energy & money on other temporary hair removal options.

Adela U

Due to lockdown, I wasn’t visiting Salon and that’s when I found about this amazing product. Just after using it for once, I have been blown away by how effective this product is. After a few treatments only, I noticed that there is a considerable decrease in my body hair. So glad that I found […]

Mattia O.

Even men can use this !!! Oh my god, I can’t tell you how happy I am right now. Being a hairy man, it is really difficult to opt for the best and easiest technique to remove hair. But with Infilaser, my life has become much easier. 5 stars without any doubt.

Lenka W

I never thought a laser treatment product for hair removal can be so affordable!! This product is gonna save a lot of my money no rejecting all my waxing appointments and sticking to this product forever! No irritations, rashes, or infections on the skin. Totally safe to use and has great results in a few […]

Cynthia O

My sister gifted me this Infilaser on last birthday. At first, I was skeptical whether it’s worth the cost or not. But, as soon as I started using it, I noticed within the great difference in 2-3 use and I was also able to remove my facial hairs without any hassle. Plus, I can use […]

Mirela M.

I am so proud of this purchase! my thick coarse hair on the legs is finally gone…just after 6 uses!!! Plus it did not do any damage to my skin as such. It was super easy to use with the user manual and I love the fact that it was just a one-time investment and […]