So, I wrote a review a few months back and decided to update. I have now completely finished my 12 week course and needless to say I am extatic with my results. Other than a few small areas around intimate areas and a few armpit rogue hairs, I cannot fault the infilaser one bit. It is AMAZING! I was thinking also that the price has something to do it, but even if I had spent three times the amount, I’d be happy still. From my experience, you have to make sure you shave and it takes a while getting use to growth cycles, so you’ll actually do more than 12 sessions because its best to use when the hair is in regrowth phase. Once you get in to a good routine you’ll know its working. It took me 3 weeks to see some patches then from 6 – 8 weeks I had gotten use to it and knew where I was going to use it etc. I did started to get some red small patches but they didn’t last more than a day. In two words I’d describe it as simple & effective. Most definitely recommend!!!! 

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